Our Prices

Although we'd love to show you a table of the prices of all the services we offer, the reality is that pricing is a little more complex than that. In this page, we'd like to tell you a little about how we decide how much to charge, and give you some example you can use to estimate how much you might have to pay. Then we'll remind you to ask us for a free quote!

What determines the price of a website?

The value of our work is primarily related to the amount of time we spend working on the project, but also includes any costs we have to pay while working on it.

The value of our time is based on the quality of our work, and the experience we have to offer to provide the best result.

We always spend time on planning and research, iteration and design, development, and finally optimisation and improvements.

We also often spend time work on revisions of drafts, maintenance, managing hosting and migration, setting up analytics, and administration training.

We love to meet our clients face-to-face and discuss their project with them, travelling to meet them in their offices when preferred.

So, How Much?!

While we can't provide exact prices because it varies from project to project, we can provide some guidance. Below are some examples to give you some idea:

Simple & Beautiful

Simple & Beautiful

  • Select a theme, and we customise it
  • Site built using Webflow
  • Enquiry form and contact details
  • As much text, pictures and videos as desired
  • Secure login for your team to edit the content

Β£ 1400

Powerful & Professional

Powerful & Professional

  • Built on a powerful world-class content management system
  • A custom-designed theme (100% unique to the client)
  • Google Analytics setup (with weekly performance emails)
  • Example features: Animations, Comments, contact forms, Google map, Favourites lists
  • Powerful search (can be used for products), with filters such as category, price, size, colour, etc
  • Unlimited products or services, in unlimited categories
  • Secure login for your team to edit the content
  • Website usage training (up to 3 hours)

Β£ 4300